USA Private Boarding School Education


INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS FOR USA PRIVATE BOARDING SCHOOL EDUCATION PROGRAMS is under the Amerstate University umbrella began an Education Project that includes the efforts of strategically placed private middle and high schools and American Colleges and Universities in the United States.

The purpose of the project is to provide International Students from around the world especially from China, Vietnam and Korea with high access for private high schools with quality programs that reflect high academic standards and high placement rates for students applying to the best USA Universities.

The combined efforts of the local high schools in proximity to well established universities allows this program to offer unique opportunities that includes dual credit and dual admission at both the high school and the university at the same time.

Our core business is: Grade 6 – 12 through our private Partnerships with High Schools, ESL through some of the best schools in Wisconsin and Technical Diplomas through Milwaukee Area Technical College.



Private High Schools in USA: The Amerstate University works with International Students Housing, 6th to 12th grades.
Our goal for the Institution is to grow in all aspects. We want to adapt our facilities to offer the best practical and modern learning environments. Amerstate University has string partnerships with Individual Private School programs in Wisconsin.

Premier English as a Second Language Programs (ESL): After one year of ESL programs at any approved ESL institutions, international students can gain admission to a school, college, or university, and have the TOEFL test waived, while ESL course at the same time.

Technical Courses or Associate Degrees through MATC: 1 or 2 year courses through our partner local school MATC. Some of the courses offered are: Accounting, Business Management, Graphic Design, Audio Engineer, Marketing, Dental Assistant and many more. Contact us for a full list of courses.

Our students will stay at our dorms while studying on some of the best private high schools in Wisconsin. Through our program the International Students will be covered for School Tuition, Room and Boarding, Food, Transportation and Insurance. Unlike any other company we offer a total package for our students that would like to study in USA.

Contact us for more information: director@iedu4u.org || director@auusa.org


Summer Camp 2018


  • Speed taught in school suit my children, especially the teachers assigned homework suit each student’s learning capacity.

    Families can also interact with the school through the comments, people are extremely open and also very fair.


    Parents of students in grades 9
  • My daughter is writing a letter to her teacher but I uttered that small is a great thing!

    My child is really interested in beginning reading and writing in English.

    I have no doubt anymore, the school really great influence on her life.

    Parents of students in grades 7 in South Korea
  • I am grateful for what the school facilitates my son the last five months.

    My son was training for his confidence in the character and in learning.

    Special thanks to Mr. Jason has developed an education that blends with nature where children have the opportunity to learn and grow.

    Without his enthusiastic teaching my child might not be able to have the confidence and joy of youth today.

    Parents of grade 12
  • My daughter is very excited for the back to school tomorrow, this really made my children to experience joy.

    Those who met her after the holidays are very impressed with the progress in character and learning of it.

    Please convey my sincere thanks to all people.

    Parents of students in grades 7