(English) Introduction


Private High Schools in the USA: The International Education Federation – IEF will operate International Students Housing, 6th to 12th grades. Our goal for the Institution is to grow in all aspects. We want to adapt our facilities to offer the best practical and modern learning environments. International Education Federation – IEF has strong partnerships with Private Schools in Wisconsin.

Premier English as a Second Language Programs (ESL): After one year of ESL programs at any approved ESL institutions, international students can gain admission to a school, college, or university, and have the TOEFL test waived, while ESL course at the same time.

Technical Courses or Associate Degrees through MATC: 1 or 2-year courses through our partner local school MATC. Some of the courses offered are Accounting, Business Management, Graphic Design, Audio Engineer, Marketing, Dental Assistant and many more. Contact us for a full list of courses.

Our students will stay at our dorms while studying on some of the best private high schools in Wisconsin. Through our program, the International Students will be covered for School Tuition, Boarding fee including Room, Food, Transportation and Insurance. Unlike any other company, we offer a total package for our students that would like to study in the USA.

Contact us for more information: info@iedu4u.org