USA Team

Jason H Cho

Founder & Chairman of Board

Academy of Racine, Amerstate University
and International Education Federation
TEL: (+1) 847-668-0653 (Phone/ WeChat)
MSc (Business) (USA)

Grand Master/ Prof. Jason H Cho was born and graduated from high school in South Korea. After that, he studied abroad in the USA at West Texas State University in International Business, Computer Science and Fine Arts degrees.

Grand Master/Prof. Cho joined ROKMC (Republic of Korea Marin Corp) at the age of 19. Grand Master/Prof. Cho was bestowed with the special title of “Master Instructor” for training martial arts to the 1st division of ROKMC Marine Corp over 6 years. During that period, Prof. Cho certified over 10,000 black belts. Grand Master/ Prof. Cho was promoted to the rank of ROKMC’s First Master. When ended his military career, he was awarded the “Honorary Release from Duty”.

In 1985 Grand Master/ Prof. Cho formed The World Martial Arts Federation, Inc. to certify Instructors, Master instructors, Grand Masters, Martial Arts School, and Martial Arts Organizations in the USA and globally.

In 2006, he was conferred his Professorship by the Board of Directors of Amerstate University. In the same year, he purchased the current building for Academy of Racine (Co-ed College Preparatory Boarding School concentrating on grades Grade 6 to 12) and Amerstate University (Graduate School and Associate’s degree Program).

In 2007, with the intention of contributing back to his adopted country, Prof. Cho founded the International Education Federation to promote American education globally. To achieve this vision, Prof. Cho operationalized USA private boarding schools educational partnerships with several American private middle and high schools.

By mid-2014, IEF has forged exclusive partnerships with 13 Midwestern middle and high schools. Presently, IEF operates 4 students’ dormitories which 3 in Wisconsin and 1 in Indiana, 2 of that are fully funded and owned by Prof. Cho.

Through hard work and perseverance, Prof. Cho fulfilled his personal goals in business, martial arts, and education. Moving forward, Prof. Cho seeks to team up with honorable, trust-worthy and like-minded individuals to bring International Education Federation, Amerstate University and Academy of Racine to even greater heights.