Level 1 :Schools Admission: no ESL assistance as students is expected to be fully incorporated into core curriculum.

  1. TOEFL test taken in the United States with a score of 75.
  2. ACT test taken in the United States with a 21 composite score.
  3. GPA from current high school transcript.
  4. Interview at the high school you are applying.

Level II:SCHOOLS Admission: offer ESL assistance to students with minimal ESL needs.

  1. English Proficiency Test as designed by the private school consortium.
  2. GPA from current school transcript.
  3. Skype interview.
  4. Students who do not perform at minimal level on the EPT will be redirected to the one of the school in Level III.

Level III:School Admission: offer full ESL instruction with all course receiving high school credits that transfer to any of the Level II schools.

  1. Under 3.4 GPA from current high school transcript.
  2. Skype interview that indicates a need for ESL immersion.
  3. Low performance on the EPT.
  4. Requires a January to August or September to December attendance.
  5. Allows admission to a Level II school upon completion of the EPT retake that indicates English proficiency.